Adoption of e-learning solution: selection criteria and recent trends

The research “Adoption of e-learning solution: selection criteria and recent trends” started on 2nd semester of 2011 and ended on 2012 with the aim to comprehend the new e-learning scenario underlined by new trends, new technologies and professional’s criteria decision

In order to achieve this goal the research group has collected data in relation to:

–          Interviews with marketing managers of major available companies;

–          Analysis of solutions, products, and services offered by leading companies;

–          Questionnaires to selected customers of e-learning products;

The results bring out that the choice of an E-learning solution is certainly a complex task that involves different levels of the company and it is different from case to case. The answers given by different companies, which largely are already using e-learning for staff training, showed a concentration of items related to competences of provider, integration of purchased services and products within the organization’s system, quality of customer care and competitive price.

It’s interesting also to analyze the new e-learning scenario that seems based on specific know-how of providers, in fact it’s possible to identify four trends: advanced cloud solution as Saas, mobile learning, Talent Management and Social learning.

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